90+ Girl and Boy Names That Mean Love and Strength ⚥

If you are searching for the girl & baby boy names that mean love, for the child who born when it was the month of Valentine or for any reason. Then check out the list of trending girl names that mean love and strength.

Even if you are so creative a time will come when you will be completely empty by your mind. But to regenerate that creativity this article will be very much useful.

Name of child must be like something great and people would love to call it. It may be a time taking processes but believe me the name that will come to your mind will be mind blowing.

Love is the most beautiful feeling of the world, it can be for anyone. A child for their parents, toy, pet, a mother for her child, an animal for their baby or the owner. It is the most wonderful thing of the universe.

For parents nothing is more lovely than their child, sometimes it is hard to choose the baby names that mean love and strength.

Here I have listed all those name meaning love and following the modern trends.

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90+ Boy and Girl Names That Mean Love (Cute Names That Mean Love)

Boy and Girl Names That Mean Love
Boy and Girl Names That Mean Love

Love is powerful thing that brings happiness in the life of any species of the planet. The love can be of any type for anyone it can be the love of a girl and boy, parents and children, friends, brothers, etc.

It can be in the form of anything such as a kid love for their favorite toys, a biker love for their bike, an officer love for their country, etc.

There is no such kind of restriction for love. After considering all these things here I have mentioned the list of baby name meaning love.

All the below listed names have different meaning in different culture and region, but all the names mean love.

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30+ Boy Names That Mean Love

Boy Names That Mean Love
Boy Names That Mean Love
AmadeusLover Of God (Latin)
AmadoLoved (Spanish)
AmatoDearly Loved, Beloved (Italian)
AmatusBeloved (Roman)
AmiasLoved (Latin)
AmorLove (Spanish)
AzizPowerful, Respected, Beloved (Arabic)
CaradocAmiable, Affection (Welsh)
CarwynBlessed Love (Welsh)
ChavivLoved One (Hebrew)
ConnellyLove, Friendship (Irish)
ConorLover Of Wolves, Lover Of Hounds (Irish)
CorwinFriend Of The Heart (English)
DarielLoved One, Open (English)
DarrellDear One, Beloved (English)
DavidBeloved (Hebrew)
DesiDesired One (Spanish)
DidierBeloved, Desired (French)
ErasmusDesired, Beloved (Greek)
HabibLoved One (Muslim)
JananHeart, Soul (Arabic)
JedediahBeloved Of The Lord (Hebrew)
KieferHandsome, Beloved (Gaelic)
Lennan/LennonLover, Sweetheart (Gaelic)
LevHeart (Hebrew)
MilosBeloved (Slavic)
ObiHeart (African)
PhilipLover Of Horses (Greek)
SajanBeloved (Hindi)
ValentinHealthy, Strong, St. Valentine (Latin)

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60+ Girl Names That Mean Love

Girl Names That Mean Love
Girl Names That Mean Love
AdelphaBeloved Sister (Greek)
Ahavaname for Love (Hebrew)
AikoBeloved Child (Japanese)
AmadaLoved (Spanish)
AmadeaGod’s Beloved (Latin)
AmalaBeloved, Bird (Arabic)
AmiaDearly Loved, Beloved (French)
Amy/AimeeBeloved (French)
AmandaDeserving To Be Loved (Latin)
AmandineLovable (French)
AmataBeloved, Lovable (French, Latin, Spanish)
AmorisLove (Latin)
AvilaDesired (German)
AzizaPowerful, Respected, Beloved (Arabic)
Cara/CarinaCherished, Beloved, Pure (Latin)
CariadLove (Welsh)
Caris/Carys/KerisLove, Grace (Welsh)
CaritaBeloved (Welsh)
CaronLoving, Kindhearted (Welsh)
CarwenBlessed, Love (Welsh)
CherBeloved (French)
CherelleBeloved (French)
Cheryl/CheriDear One, Darling (English)
CordeliaHeart (Latin, Celtic)
DarielaDear One, Beloved (English)
DarlaDarling (English)
DarleneTenderly Love (English)
DavidaBeloved (Hebrew)
DesireeDesired (French)
EshaDesired (Sanskrit)
EsmeEsteemed, Beloved (French)
FemiLove (Egyptian)
FreyaGoddess Of Love (Norse)
HabibaBeloved, Darling, Sweetheart (Muslim)
HaliaRemembrance Of a Loved One (Hawaiian)
ImogenBeloved Child (Greek)
KalilaHeart (Muslim)
KaleiBeloved, Flower Wreath (Hawaiian)
KamaDesire, Love, Hindu God of Love (Sanskrit)
KaraLove (Cornish)
KerensaLove (Cornish)
LibiMy Heart (Hebrew)
LubaLove (Ukrainian)
MabliLovable (Welsh)
MaiteLove (Basque)
MaiteaLove (Spanish)
MilaDear, Love (Slavic)
MilenaLove and Warmth (Czech)
MinaLove (German)
MyrnaBeloved (Gaelic)
ParisCity of Love
PhilaLoving (Greek)
Philippa/Pippa/PippiLover of Horses (Greek)
PhilomenaLover Of Strength (Greek)
PriyaBeloved (Sanskrit)
QueridaBeloved (Spanish)
SiranSweet Love (Armenian)
SukiLoved One (Japanese)
TivonaLove’s Nature (Hebrew)
ValentinaHealthy, Strong, St. Valentine (Latin)
VenusLoved One, Beloved, Roman Goddess Of Love, Beauty, and Spring
VidaBeloved (Hebrew and Scottish)
YaretziYou Will Always Be Loved (Aztec)

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Baby Names That Mean Love FAQ

What name means love and beauty?

In Latin Venues is known as the Goddess of Love and Beauty.

What name means little love?

In Japanese Aiko means the little loved one.

Which name means love for a boy?


What name means strength?

Ethan and Aila means Strength

What boy name means strong?

Maximus, Ethan, and Jedrek means strong

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Last Words

I have tried to mention all those baby names meaning love for boy as well as girl. All these names are in trend of today’s world and I’m hoping that this article helped you to inspire and develop some unique naming ideas for your baby child.

If you find this list useful don’t forget to share it with all your friends and families or the one who really need this.

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