77 Badass Irish Boy Names And Meanings: Irish Names For Boys

If you are inspired by Ireland and looking for some Popular Irish Boy names, which are unique and look fantastic, here is a table of Irish boy names and its name meanings; hope this could help you discover some uniqueness.

Ireland is a beautiful city and very much famous for its beauty all over the world. There can be various reasons for selecting Irish boy names, and everyone can’t think of unique names for Irish babies.

But it becomes easier to find names from a guide like this; I keep on adding great names of boys in this list whenever I get. So it would work easier for you if you bookmark this page.

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Badass Irish Boy Names and Meanings
Badass Irish Boy Names and Meanings

Badass Irish Boy Names and Meanings That Are Popular

Here is a list of boy names and their name meaning so that you don’t need to look for the meaning again.

Irish NamesName Meaning
Aaron/AronHigh Mountain
Aidan/AadenLittle and Fiery
BardMinstrel, Poet
BenenMild, Name of Irish Saint
BerkeleyThe Birch Tree Meadow
BlaineSlender, Angular
BradyBroad Meadow/Large-Chested
BrendanPrince, King
BrennanRaven, Brave, Sorrow
BrodyFrom The Muddy Place
BurkeBurg or Fortification
CalhounFrom The Narrow Forest
CashelStone Fort, Castle
CillianLittle Church
ClancyRed Warrior
Conor/ConnorWise, Strong-Willed, Hound-Lover
CoryFrom The Hollow
CullenHolly Tree
DarcyFrom Arcy
DeclanFull of Goodness, Man of Prayer
DerryThe People’s Ruler
DonalWorld Mighty
DonnellyIrish surname
EamonWealthy Protector
EoinGod is Gracious
FaolanLittle Wolf
FergusMan of Force
Finn/FionnFair or White
FinneganLittle Fair One
FintanWhite Fire or White Bull
FionnFair or White
FlynnSon of the Red-Haired One
GallagherDescendant of Foreign Helper
Garret/GarrettSpear Strength
GradyNoble, Illustrious
HughMind, Intellect
IvoYew Wood, Archer
KeeganSon of Egan
KeirDark, Black
KellenLittle Rock
LarkinRough, Fierce
LennonSmall Cloak or Cape
LiamResolute Protection
MurphySea Warrior
OscarGod Spear, Deer-Lover, Champion Warrior
PatrickNoble, Patrician
QuinnChief Leader, Intelligence
RaffertyAbundance, Prosperity
RedmondWise Protector
RianLittle King
RoanLittle Redhead
RonanLittle Seal
RooneyChampion, Leader
RowanLittle Redhead
SeanGod’s Gracious Gift
SeananWise, Old
ShaneGod is Gracious
SheaIrish surname
SullivanBlack-Eyed One
TullyFlood, Peaceful, or Hill
TynanDark, Dusty
UltanMan From Ulster
VerenGreat Hero

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Unusual Irish Boy Names and Meanings
Unusual Irish Boy Names and Meanings

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Last Words

I hope this list would help you pick some unusual Irish Boy Names for the newborn baby child. If it helped you choose modern Irish boy names, then don’t forget to share it with all your friends in Ireland and let them decide if they need one.

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