99+ Boy & Girl Names That Mean Beautiful and Strong ⚥

If you are looking for some astonishing boy or girl names that mean beautiful along with its name meaning then this article is going to be useful for you. Check out the list below containing names and this will inspire you to pick some professional names.

Depending upon region and language these names may vary from place to place, but all the names meaning is beautiful and it is still in modern age trends and followed by most parents.

Every parents are so aggressive to assign their child a best name, and the new born baby are the most pretty creature of nature, and I don’t think no any other names can be much interesting than the name which means beautiful.

If you have already selected a name or looking for some better option my recommendation is to have a look over these listed names.

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Popular Names That Mean Beautiful

Popular Names That Mean Beautiful
Popular Names That Mean Beautiful

If I go for counting there will be many names which means beautiful depending upon region. But here are some of those which are very much famous in US regions, for more popular names visit Social Security Administration

  • Alana
  • Astrid
  • Bella
  • Beau
  • Bonnie
  • Callista
  • Ingrid
  • Jamal
  • Jolie
  • Memphis
  • Mika
  • Nomi
  • Rumi
  • Zain

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Girl Names Meaning Beautiful & Strong

Girl Names Meaning Beautiful & Strong
Girl Names Meaning Beautiful & Strong

Girls child are always the precious for every parents, and if you want some baby names for girls then the list mentioned below is full of girl names along with its name meaning.

AlanaGaelic name for beauty; serenity
AlanisCeltic name for handsome; cheerful
AlinaSlavic name for bright; beautiful
AniHawaiian name for beautiful
Annabellgrace and beauty
AnwenWelsh name for fair; beautiful
ArabellaLatin name for yielding to prayer but also interpreted as beautiful
ArinyaThai name beautiful smart woman
AstridNorse name for divine; beautiful
BellaItalian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin name for Beautiful
BelleFrench name for beauty
Bellerosebeautiful rose
BellezzaItalian name for beauty or beautiful
Belindabeautiful; pretty
BelvaLatin name for beautiful view
BonitaSpanish and Portuguese name for pretty; cute
BonnieIrish name charming; pretty; attractive
Caily/Cali/Kayleigh/Cailee/CallieEnglish and Irish name for beautiful
Calista/CalixtaGreek name for she that is most beautiful
CallidoraGreek name for gift of beauty
CalliopeGreek name for she that has a beautiful voice
ClarabelleLatin name for bright and beautiful
CosimaGreek name for beauty and order
Ellabeautiful fairy woman
FayreEnglish name for fair one
HarikaTurkish name for beautiful miracle
HermosaSpanish name for beautiful
IndiraSanskrit name for beauty
IngridNorse name for fair; beauty
IowaNative American name for beautiful land
JacintaGreek name for beautiful
JaedaArabic name for goodness; beauty with long neck
Jamila/JamillaArabic name for beautiful
JolieFrench name for Beautiful or pretty
Kaitlyn/Caitlyn/Katelyn/CatelynCeltic name for pure beauty
KevaIrish name for gentle, beautiful, precious
KyomiJapanese for pure and beautiful
Lillie/LilyFor the lily flower which symbolizes purity, beauty
Lilybellebeautiful lily
LindaSpanish name for beautiful; pretty
LydiaGreek name for beautiful; noble one
MabelLatin name for beautiful, loving one; lovable
MarabelHebrew name for Beautiful Mary
Meadowbeautiful field
MeiChinese name for beautiful
MerindaAustralian name for beautiful
MikaJapanese name for beautiful fragrance
MioJapanese name cherry blossom; beautiful
MiyeonKorean name for beautiful; kind-hearted
MiyukiJapanese name for beautiful fortune; beautiful happiness
NaamahBiblical name for beautiful
NavaHebrew name for pretty; pleasant; desirable
NaomiHebrew name for pleasant; beautiful; delightful
NayanaHindi name for beautiful eyes
NefertariEgyptian name for beautiful companion
NefertitiEgyptian name for the beautiful one has come
NomiHebrew name for beautiful; delightful
NorabelEnglish name for beautiful light
OmarosaAfrican name for my beautiful child
OrabelleLatin name for beautiful alter
RachelBiblical name for beautiful
RaananaHebrew name for fresh; beautiful
RamanaSanskrit name for beautiful
RatihIndonesian name for goddess of beauty
RosalindLatin name for beautiful rose
RumiBengali and Japanese name for beauty
RupinderIndian name for greatest beauty
SenaArabic, Hindi, African for grace; beauty
ShainaHebrew name for pretty
ShakilaArabic name for pretty
TeganWelsh name for darling one
ToveSwedish and Norwegian name for gorgeous; beautiful
UlanniHawaiian name for heavenly beauty
VenusRoman goddess of love and beauty
YamilethArabic name for beautiful
YeddaEnglish name for beautiful voice

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Boy Names Meaning Handsome & Strong

Boy Names Meaning Handsome & Strong
Boy Names Meaning Handsome & Strong

Here in the list below I have mentioned the top boy names that mean handsome and it is following the modern trends for boys. This list could be a great initiative to pick one.

AdenHebrew name for attractive; handsome
AdonisGreek name for the most handsome
AllenCeltic name for handsome; cheerful
AmareEthiopian name for handsome
BeauFrench name for handsome
BealeOld English name for handsome man
BeauchampFrench name for beautiful field
BeaufortFrench name for beautiful fort
BeaumontFrench name for beautiful mountain
BeauregardFrench name for beautiful gaze
BelvedereItalian name for a beautiful view
CosmoGreek name for order; beauty
EderBasque name for handsome
FaronFrench and English name for handsome servant
HassanArabic name for handsome
IrvinScottish name for handsome; fair face
JamalArabic name for beauty
JamilArabic name for handsome; beautiful
KavanaughIrish name for born handsome
KazumiJapanese name for peace; beauty
KeefeIrish name for handsome; noble
KennethIrish name for handsome; born of fire
KevinIrish name for handsome
Memphiscity in Tennessee; beautiful and enduring
NoheaHawaiian name for handsome
RupinSanskrit name for handsome
ShaquilleArabic name for handsome; well developed
UsainArabic name for beautiful
Zain/ZaynArabic name for beauty; grace

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Girl Names Meaning Beautiful & Strong
Girl Names Meaning Beautiful & Strong

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Names Meaning Beautiful FAQ

What girl name means Beauty?

Some of the girl name means beauty are:

What is the Greek name for beauty?


What name means love is beautiful?


What name means strength?

Here are some of the name means strength

What does Adira mean?

Adira means strong, noble, powerful

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Last Words

I hope this article would be useful for you to pick fantastic names that mean beautiful for your precious child. I’m so sure that It would have helped you to find some astonishing names meaning strong and beautiful.

Like always I tried to mention all those essential names, and I’m hoping you can have a best choice from the above list.

If it helped you in any way don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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