169+ Baby Girl Names With Nicknames, Short Names, Meaning

If you are searching for cute girl names with nicknames for your baby girl who have deep meaning and means a lot, but you are failed to choose one, then I’m sure you will have a great name choice from the list below.

Sometimes it is painful to decide on a suitable name for the baby girl. You can try various ways to choose one. This list contains classic, elegant, cute, and spunky nicknames for baby girl.

A girl child is the queen of every parent’s life, but her cute and unique name is not easy. It needs a lot of time to think about that suits her. If you have a creative mind, you can pick a cute and classic name effortlessly, but it is not so with everyone.

Most girl Nicknames originates from their name or their ancestor’s name or just by shortening their real name.

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Right Nickname For Baby Girl
Right Nickname For Baby Girl

Girl’s Nickname 

In some cases, Nicknames are based on a girl’s behavior, personality, looks, etc. In most cases, the first name is the most adoptive nickname.

So if you are about to choose one, don’t forget to look at her first name and the real name. I’m saying this because it helps to find a good nickname for girls.

Selection Of A Right Nickname For Baby Girl

Assigning a Nickname is easy, but you need to make sure that it has some meaning. If you haven’t understood why I said this, let me give you an example.

Suppose your daughter is in school, and there is some festival program. Just think how good it would be to have your child name sounds unique in that crowd.

One day the name will be on her certificates, wedding card, etc. Therefore the selection of the right name is most important. That name will be her identity, then why not make it as much special as possible.

Cool Girl Names With Nicknames
Cool Girl Names With Nicknames

Cool Girl Names With Nicknames

Here we dive into the massive list of all the cute little girl names, along with its name meaning and short names.

NameShort NameMeaning
AbigailAbbie, Abby, Gale, GailGives Joy
AddisonAddy, AddieLast Name Of The Name Adam
AlannaAlli, Aly, LanaPrecious, Child
AlexandraAl, Alex, Alexa, Allie, Ally, Andie, Lex, Lexa, Lexie, Sandra, Sandie, SandyProtector Of Name, Defender Of Man
AllisonAlli, Ally, AliceNoble
AmberlyAmberColor Of Warm Honey Shade
AmeliaAmy, Lia, Mimi, Mia, Millie, MillyIndustrious
AnastasiaStacie, Stacy, Stassi, Tasia, Stasia, AnnaResurrection
AngelinaAng, Angel, Angie, Annie, Gina, Lin, LinaMessenger of God
AnnabelleAnna, Ann, Annie, BelleLoving, Grace, Beauty
AnnaleeAnna, Ann, Annie, LeeGrace, Pasture
AnnaliseAnna, Ann, Annie, LisGraced With God’s Bounty
AntoinetteAnn, Annie, Toni, NettaBeyond Praise/Highly Praiseworthy
ArabellaAri, BellaYielding To Prayer
AureliaRay, Eli, LiaGolden One
BernadetteBernie, BernBrave As A Bear
BethanyBernie, Bern, Annie, Betty, Beth, Effie, BethelHouse Of Affliction
BlakeleyBlake, Lee, LeaDark Woodland Clearing
BriannaBri, Anna, Anne, AnnieHigh, Noble, Strong
BrinleighBrin, Leigh, LeeBurnt Meadow
CadenceCadie, Cade, CadyRhythmic Flow Of Sounds
CamillaCami, Camie, Cam, Mila, MillieServant For The Temple, Free-Born, Noble
CarlottaCarly, Carl, LottieStrong
CarolineCarrie, Cara, CaroleSong Of Happiness, Joy
CassandraCass, Cassie, Sandra, SandyUnheeded Prophetess
CassidyCass, CassieClever, Curly-Haired
CatherineCat, Cate, Cathy, Catie, Kit, KittyPure, Clear
CharlotteChar, Charlie, Lola, LottiePetite, Feminine
ChristinaChris, Christy, Tina, Christa, ChristineFollower Of Christ
CameronCami, Cam, CammyCrooked Nose
ClaudiaClaude, Claudi, DiaLame, Enclosure
ClementineClem, TinaMild, Merciful
CoralineCora, Coral, CoryCoral
CordeliaCordy, Cord, Delia, LiaHeart
DanicaDani, Dannie, Niki, NikaMorning Star
DanielleDanni, Dani, Nani, ElleGod Is My Judge
DavinaDavi, VinaBeloved, Friend
DelaneyDellie, Laney, LaneDark Challenger
DelilahLila, Lilah, LyAmorous, Delight, Flirt
DesireeDes, Desi, Dez, Rae, DeziDesired
DestinyDesi, Dez, DessieCertain Fortune, Fate
ElainaLana, Elaine, Lainie, Elle, Ella, LaineBright, Shining Light
ElaineLainey, Ellie, LaineShining Light, Sun Ray
EleanorEllen, Nora, Elle, Elly, Elle, Nori, NellBright, Shining One
ElizabethBeth, Betsy, Betty, Ellie, Eliza, Libby, Liz, Liza, LizzieMy God Is An Oath, My God Is Abundance
EmiliaEm, Emmy, Emma, Lia, MillieRival
EmmalynEm, Emma, Emmy, LynPeaceful Home
EmmelineEmma, Em, Emmy, EmilyPeaceful Home
EvangelineEvie, Eve, LinaGood News, Bringer Of Good News
EvelynEve, Lynn, Eva, EvieDesired, Light, Hazelnut
FaelanFae, Lynn, Elyn, LennyLittle Wolf
FeliciaElle, Lish, Ellie, LiciaHappy
FelicityFliss, Lis, LissaHappiness, Luck, Good Fortune
FlorenceFlor, Flo, Florie, LoBlossoming
FrancescaFran, Frannie, Frankie, Cesca, FrancineFree One
GabriellaGab, Gabby, Gabs, Brielle, Briella, Ella, ElleGod Is My Strength
GabrielleGab, Gabby, Gabs, Ellie, BelleGod Is My Might
GenevieveEve, Evie, Genna, Ginny, Viv, GinaWoman Of The Race
GladiolaGladys, GladdyFlower
GracelynGrace, Lynn, GracieInspired By Grace
GracieGrace, Gray, RaeInspired By Grace
GuinevereGwen, Vera, Winnie, GinnyWhite, Fair, Smooth
GwendolynGwen, , Gwennie, Winnie, Wendy, LynFair-Browed
GwynethGwen, GwennieWhite, Blessed
HannahHanni, HanFavour, Grace
HelenaHelen, Lena, LennieBright, Shining Light
HenriettaEtta, Ettie, HattieHome Ruler
HillaryHil, HillyCheerful, Merry
HollyHoll, OllyThe Holly Tree
ImogenMo, Genny, Gen, MomoPossibly Maiden, Girl
IsabellaBella, Belle, IzzyPledged To God
IvanaIva, VanaGod’s Gracious Gift
IvetteIvy, Eve, IveeYew Tree
JacquelynJackie, JaxMay God Protect
JasmineJas, Mina, Jazzy, MinnieGift Of God
JadenJade, JadeyGod Has Heard
JayleeJay, LeeMadeup Name
JenniferJen, Jenny, JennaThe Fair One
JessicaJess, JessieGifts, God Beholds
JohannaJoanie, Hanna, Hannie, Jo, JoniGod Is Gracious
JosephineJo, Josie, Jojo, FifiGod Will Add, God Will Increase
JuliannaJulie, Jules, Juju, AnnaDescended From Love
JulietteJulie, Jules, Etta, JettaYouthful
KadenceKadie, Kade, KadyRhythm
KaitlynKait, Kat, Katy, Kay, LynnPure
KatherineKate, Katie, Kathy, Kat, Kit, KittyPure
KathleenKat, Kathy, Leena, Kiki, Kate, KathPure, Clear
KatrinaKat, TrinaPure, Unsullied
KendallDolly, Kenny, Ken, Kay, DollRoyal Valley
LaurelLaurie, Laura, AuraLaurel Tree
LaylaLay, LolaDark Beauty, One Who Was Born At Night
LeilaniLeila, Lani, LeaHeavenly Flowers
LianaLil, Lian, AnaTo Climb Like A Vine
LilianaLil, Lila, Ana, Lily, LanaLily
LoreleiLori, RoryAlluring, Temptress
LorraineLori, Raine, LoraFrom The Province Of Lorraine
LucianaLuci, Lucy, Ana, LuluLight
LucilleLucy, Lucy, LuluLight
LydiaLyds, Lydi, LiaKind, Kindred Spirit
MackenzieMac, Kenzie, Macey, KenzChild Of The Wise Leader, Born Of Fire
MadelineMaddie, Maddy, Lynn, Ada, AddieHigh Tower, Woman From Magdala
MadisonMaddy, MadsSon Of Matthew, Son Of Maud
MagdalenaMaggie, Magda, LenaFrom Magdala
MagnoliaMaggie, NolaFlower
MakaylaKayla, Kaylie, Mikey, Kay, MickeyWho Is Like God
MargaretGreta, Margot, Maggie, Maisie, Marge, Margie, Margo, May, Meg, Molly, Peg, PeggyPearl
MarielleMarie, ElleStar Of The Sea
MatildaMattie, TildaMighty In Battle
MelanieMel, Lanie, MellyDark
MelissaLiss, Lissa, Mel, Mellie, MissyBee
MercedesMerce, Mercy, SadieMercies
MeredithMerry, EdithGreat Lord
MichelleShelly, Chelle, MichaGift From God
MirandaMira, Missy, Andie, AndyWorthy Of Admiration
NadiaNani, Nada, NayaHope
NadineNadi, DinaHope
NataliaNat, Nati, Lia, Tali, TaliaBorn At Christmas
NatalieNat, Nattie, Nettie, TallieBorn At Christmas
NatashaNat, Nattie, Sasha, TashaBorn At Christmas
NicoletteNicole, Niki, Nika, Nic, ColettePeople’s Victory
NikitaNick, Kita, Niki, KitaPeople’s Victory
NoelleNoe, Elle, EllieBirthday
OctaviaAva, Avie, Avia, Tav, TaviBorn Eighth
OdessaAda, Odie, Essa, DessaWrathful
OliviaLivia, Liv, Livvie, Ollie, OliveOlive Tree
OpheliaEffie, Phelia, O, FeliaHelp
OrianaOra, Orri, OrrieDawn
PaisleyPai, Paisy, PaisChurch
PatriciaPat, Patty, Patsy, Tricia, TrishNoble
PaulinaPauli, Pollie, Polly, LinaSmall
PaytonPay, PeyFrom The Fighter’s Farm
PenelopeLola, Nell, Pippa, PennyWeaver
PhoebeFee, Fifi, PheebsBright And Shining
PrudencePruGood Judgement
RachelRach, Rae, Rachie, Chele, ShellyEwe, Female Sheep
RachelleChelle, Shell, ShellyLamb
RamonaNona, Mona, RamieWise Protector
RebeccaReba, Becca, Becky, BecksJoin, Tie, Snare
ReneeWren, RennyReborn
RobertaBerta, Bobbie, RobbieBright And Shining With Fame
RosalieRosa, Rose, Rosie, SallyDerived From Rosalia, Which Is Latin For Rose
RosannaRory, Rose, Rosie, Annie, AnnaRose Of Grace
RosemaryRo, Romy, Rosa, Rose, Rosie, Rosey, MaryDew Of The Sea
SabrinaBree, Breena, SabiFrom The River Severn
SamanthaSam, Sammi, SammyGod Heard
SavannahSav, Savi, Vann, VannaTreeless Plain
ScarlettLettie, Letta, ScarDeep Red Color
SeraphinaSera, Seri, FiFi, PhinaFiery Ones
SerenaSera, Seri, Rena, Sia, RiaClear, Tranquil, Serene
SerenitySeri, Sera, RennieSerene, Calm
SophiaFifi, Phia, Soph, SophieWisdom, Wise
StephanieSteph, Stephie, StevieCrown, Victorious
TaliaTally, TalDew From Heaven
TamaraTammy, Tam, Mara, TaraPalm Tree
TatianaTanya, Tati, Taty, TianaFeminine Of Roman Family
TeresaTerri, Terry, TessTo Gather
TiffanyTiff, Tia, TiffyManifestation Of God
TrinityTrin, Trixie, TrinnyTriad
UlulaniUlu, LaniInspired By Heaven, Heavenly Grove
UlyanaUly, AnaYouthful, Downy
ValentinaVal, Tina, VinaStrong, Healthy
VanessaNess, Nessa, VanButterfly
VeronicaVera, Roni, NikaTrue Image
VictoriaTori, Toria, Ria, Vicky, Vic, VicksVictory
VivienneViv, Vivi, Vinnie, ViLively
WilhelminaWilla, Will, Willy, MinaWilling To Protect
WillowWill, Willa, LoSlender, Graceful
WinifredWin, Winni, FreddieFair One, White And Smooth
WinonaWinnie, Winna, Nona, NonnieFirst-Born Daughter
WinterWinny, WinBorn In The Winter
YohanaHannah, AnnaGod Is Gracious
YvonneEve, Evee, Evie, Vonna, VonnieYew
ZaideeZai, Dee, AidyDazzling, Splendor
ZinniaZin, NiaWorthy, To Be Praised

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Baby Girl Names With Nicknames, Short Names, Meaning
Baby Girl Names With Nicknames

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