170+ Cute Boy Names: Shortened Boys Names With Meaning ♂

If you are looking for some cute boy names and its short form along with its name meaning, then this article is going to be useful for you in picking some of the best boy names suitable for your baby.

Here you will find a massive list of cutest baby boy nicknames. There are a wide variety of baby names available on the internet, but those names are not considered as the cute names, and those are very common.

Selection of unsuitable names for the boy child is never a right choice that’s why my recommendation is to first of all pick at least five great titles for the boy child from the list and ask for suggestion from the persons you trust.

The list below is full of unique baby names, which are coming in the category of cute and classic names, that is best fit for your boy child.

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170+ Cutest Baby Boy Names – Awesome Boy Nicknames

Cutest Baby Boy Names Awesome Boy Nicknames
Cutest Baby Boy Names Awesome Boy Nicknames

Here I have mentioned all those cute boy names which are highly acceptable and are following the current trend, for your ease its meaning and short names are also mentioned.

NameShortened NamesMeaning
AaronAir, Ro, RonMountain
AbrahamAbe, Abram, BrahmFather Of a Multitude
AlexanderAl, Alex, Alec, Lex, Xander, AnderDefender, Protector Of Man
AlistairAli, AlDefending Men
AngeloAng, Angie, AngelMessenger
AmbroseAmes, Brose, Brody, BoImmortal
AndrewAndy, Drew, Andre, DreManly, Strong, Brave
AntonioAnt, Nino, Toni, Tony, TonioPriceless
AnthonyAnt, Toni, Tony, Twan, NinoPriceless
ArmandoArman, ArmaniSoldier
ArthurArt, Arte, ArtieNoble, Courageous
AsherAshHappy, Blessed
AtticusAtt, Atty, GusOne From Attica
AugustAug, Auggie, GusEsteemed Or Venerable
BaronBarr, BarrySon Of Strength/Vigor/Potency
BenjaminBen, Benj, Benji, BennySon Of The Right Hand
BrandonBran, Don, Brando, DonnieFrom The Beacon Hill
BeckettBeck, Becks, BexBee Cottage
BennettBen, BennyBlessed
BradenBrady, BradeBroad Valley
BraxtonBraxBracc’s Settlement
BrantleyBran, Brant, LeeFire
BroderickBrody, Rod, Roddy, Rick, DerickBrother
BronsonBron, BronnieSon Of Brown-Haired One
BrennanBren, BrennySorrow or Raven
BrendanBren, BrennyPrince
BrysonBryce, BryOf Bryce, Noble’s Son
CadenCadeCompanion or Friend, Spirit Of Battle
CalebCal, CaleBrave, Faithful”
CallahanCalLover of Church or Bright-Headed
CamdenCami, Cam, AmdenWinding Valley
CameronCam, Cammy, RonCrooked Nose or Crooked River
CampbellCamCrooked Mouth
CarmeloCarl, MeloGardan, Orchard
CarterCar, Art, Cart, CaryCarrier
CaseyCay, Case, AceVigilant, Brave, Watchful
CharlesCharlie, Carl, ChasMan
ChristopherChris, Topher, KitBearing Christ
ConnorConStrong-Willed or Wise
ChristianChris, IanChristian, Follow Christ
ClaytonClayPlace With Good Clay
CliftonCliffSettlement By The Cliff
ClintonClintSettlement By The Cliff
ColtonColt, ColeFrom The Coal or Dark Town
CooperCoopBarrel Maker
CorbinCory, Corb, CobeCrow, Raven
DamianDame, Dom, IanTo Tame
DanielDan, Danny, DaneGod Is My Judge
DavidsonDave, David, DavisSon of David (David means Beloved)
DavisDave, DavBeloved
DeclanDec, Dex, LenFull of Goodness
DesmondDes, DesiGracious Defender
DimitryDimi, TriFollower Of Demeter
DominicDom, NickOf Our Lords
DonovanDon, DonnieDark Brown or Dark Haired
EdwardEd, Eddie, Ned, TedWealthy Guard
ElijahEl, EliJehovah is God
ElliottEl, Eli, EllisWith Strength and Right
EmersonEm, Emery, SonnySon of Emery
EmmanuelEm, MannyGod With Us
EriksonErik, RickSon of Erik
EvanderEvan, Van, VanderStrong Man, Warrior
EverettRhett, EvBrave, Wild Boar, Strong
FinneganFinn, Finny, EganFair
FredrickFred, FreddiePeaceful Ruler
GraysonGray, Sonny, AysonSon of Gray
GordonGordy, Gordo, DonSpacious, Fort
GideonGid, Ian, DeonFeller, Hewer
GabrielGabe, Abe, GilHero Of God
HaydenHay, HaysHedged Valley
HarrisonHarry, HarrisSon of Harry
HenleyHen, LeeHigh Meadow
HendersonHenry, EnderRuler of The Home
IsaacIke (pronounced as eyes, Izzy)He Laughs
IsaiahIs (pronounced as eyes, Zay, Ike)The Lord is Generous
JacksonJack, Jax, Jace, JaySon of Jack
JacobCoby, Jake, Jakey, JackFollow, To Be Behind, But Also, To Supplant, Circumvent, Assail, Overreach
JamesonJames, Jimmie, JaySon of James
JasonJay, JaceTo Heal
JaydenJay, Ayden, JJ, JaydeThankful
JeremiahJim, Jem, Jay, Jeremy, RemyWeeping Prophet
JulianJules, Jude, LeeYouthful
JeffersonJeff, JeffreySon of Jeffrey
JonathanJohn, JohnnyTo Give
JordanJordy, Jo, JordTo Flow Down
JosephJoe, Joey, Jojo, Joss, JoseMay He Add
JoshuaJo, Josh, JossGenerous, To Save
JosiahJo, Jojo, Joss, Si, SiahJehovah Has Healed
KadenKade, KayCompanion or Friend
KalebKal, KaleBrave, Faithful
KarterKar, ArtCarrier
KamdenKam, AmdenWinding Valley
KendrickKen, Rick, Ricky, KennyChampion, Royal Ruler
KeatonKey, KeatPlace Of Hawks
LandonLand, LandoLong Hill, Ridge
LawrenceLarry, Lor, Rory, Lore, RenMan From Laurentum
LeonardoLeo, Leon, Len, LennyBrave Lion
LewisLew, LewisRenowned Warrior
LincolnLincTown By The Pool
LoganLo, LogieLittle Hollow
LucasLuc, Luca, LukeBright, Shining
MacKinleyMacSon of The White Warrior, Learned Ruler
MaddenMads, MaddySmall Dog Milos
MalcolmMac, ColeDevotee of Saint Columba, Follower of God/Saint
MarcosMarkGod of War
MasonMaceOne Who Works With Stone
MatthewMatt, MattyGift From God
MaximilianMax, Mac, MillyGreatest
MaverickMav, Rick, RickyIndependent, Non-Conformist
MerrickMer, Rick, RickyDark-Skinned, A Moor
MichaelMic, Mike, Mikey, MickeyWho is Like God
MitchellMitch, MickBig
MorrisonMorri, Morris, MorsDark
NathanielNat, Nathan, NateGift of God
NelsonNeil, NellySon of Neil
NicholasNico, Nick, NickyPeople
OakleyOak, Lee, OaksFrom The Oak
OliverOllie, LeviThe Olive Tree
OrlandoOrly, Lando, LannyHeroic
OberonObi, Ron, BerryNoble and Bear Like
OswaldOz, OzzieDivine Power
PatrickPat, Paddy, RickNobleman
PrestonPres, RonThe Priest’s Village
PhilipPhil, Philly, PipLover of Horses
PaxtonPaxPeace Town
PeterPete, PeteyStone
QuentinQuinn, QuentQueen’s Manor
QuincyQuinn, QuinceBorn Fifth
RaffertyRafe, RayAbundance, Prosperity
RaidenRay, Rady, RaidThunder and Lightning
RaphaelRafe, Raffy, RalphGod Has Healed
RaymondRay, MondoCounselor, Protector
ReginaldReg, ReggieAdvice, Counsel
RemingtonRem, Remi, RemyRaven Settlement
RenlyRen, LeeInvented Name
RenshawRen, ShawWood
RussellRuss, RustyLittle Red
RichardRich, Dick, Rick, Ricky, Richie, DickyStrong or Brave Leader
RileyRy, RyryWood Clearing
RobertRobbie, Rob, Robby, Bob, BobbyBright Fame
RomanRo, RoroOf Rome
RonanRo, RoroLittle Seal
RoscoeRossDoe Wood
RowanRo, RoroLittle Red-Haired One
SamuelSam, SammyName Of God
SantiagoSant, Tiago, TigoSaint James
SebastianBass, Ash, Ashton, Bash, BastianVenerable, Revered
SpencerSpence, SpennySteward, Administrator
StanleyStan, LeeStone
StevenSteve, StevieA Crown, A Garland
TatumTate, TayTate’s Homestead
ThomasTom, TommyTwin
TristanTris, StanOutcry
TheodoreDory, Theo, Ted, TeddyGod-Given
TerranceTerry, Trace, RenHeart
TimothyTim, TimmyHonoring God
ThatcherThatchCover or Roof
TrentonTrent, RentTrent’s Town
TrevorTrev, Trey, RevBig Village, Prudent
TobiasTobe, TobyLove God
VincentVince, Vinny, VinConquering
WilliamWill, Willy, Wills, Liam, Bill, BillyDetermined Protector
WesleyWes, Les, LeeFrom The West Meadow
WestonWes, WestWestern Town
WarrenRenDweller At or Keeper of a Game Preserve
WilsonWill, Willy, WillsSon of William
XavierZay, XaviBright, Splendid, New House
ZacharyZack, ZackyThe Lord Has Remembered

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Cute Boy Names Shortened Names For Boys
Cute Boy Names Shortened Names For Boys

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Last Words

I am assuming that this list would be useful for you find some great shortened boy names which are cute and awesome its name meaning is mentioned so that you don’t need to look for the meanings of each names one by one.

If this page helped you in any way don’t forget to share it with your friends and all those mothers who have recently delivered a handsome child and looking for some astonishing cute boy names.

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