Google Digital Garage Module 9 Answers Updated

Here you will find ✅✅✅ Google Digital Garage Module 9 Answers which has been asked in the recent exams. All these answers have been updated with the latest and correct google digital marketing course answers of module 9.

Google Digital Garage Module 9 Answers – Improve Your Search Campaigns Answers

Google Digital Garage Module 9 Check Your Knowledge Answers

1. Achieve relevance with good structure

Anna is a commercial photographer.
She’s setting up SEM campaigns to draw more traffic to her site. She needs to make sure her ads are relevant, and she’s doing this by creating ad groups for each type of product.Take a look at the ad below:

Wedding photography
Capture your special day with beautiful photographs
Call to book your date now!

Can you help Anna by eliminating the keywords that wouldn’t be relevant to her ad?

  • Bridal party photos
  • Candid wedding photos
  • Baby photoshoot
  • Newborn baby photography
  • Professional website photos

2. Get the most from your keywords

Anna specialises in portrait photography. She uses her website to reach potential customers and has recently set up an SEM campaign to draw more traffic to her site.

She wants to use negative keywords to make sure her ads don’t appear for people who aren’t potential customers.

Which of the following keywords are the negative keywords?

  • Photographer
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Family photo
  • Watercolour

3. Fine-tune with keyword match types

Anna has a themed portrait photography studio. She offers competitive prices and reaches and engages with visitors to her site through her online presence. However, not many of them become paying customers.

Anna has a range of keywords and wants to fine-tune them to best target potentially paying customers.
Put the keywords in order of the broadest to the most restrictive.

  1. Photography, portraits
  2. Portrait photography studio
  3. Movie themed portrait photography
  4. Film themed portrait photography, low cost

4. How to know what’s working and what isn’t 

Anna is a photographer. She’s previously focused on wedding photography, but she now takes requests to photograph other events as well. Customers can contact her through the site’s enquiry page to make requests. They can also look at her gallery and sign up to an email newsletter. Anna wants to track how many people request photography for events that aren’t weddings. Where should she place the conversion tracking code?

  • Homepage
  • Enquiry page
  • Enquiry confirmation page
  • Newsletter sign-up page

Google Digital Garage Module 9 Quiz Answers

1. Which of the following is a benefit of using relevant ads and landing pages? 

  • Increased cost for ad placements
  • Higher ad positions on the search results page
  • Higher cost per clicks on your ads
  • Ads that will ensure more purchases

2. When it comes to search ads, which description best describes ‘negative keywords’? 

  • Keywords with no association to your site
  • Keywords with a poor search volume
  • Keywords that are excluded from a campaign
  • Keywords that are typed incorrectly

3. Fill in the blank: If you use __________ keywords when building your search ads, minor variations, like plurals, can still trigger the ad. 

  • Exact Match
  • Random Match
  • Direct match
  • Close match

4. What can conversion tracking in search help you measure? 

  • How many transactions are completed on your site overall
  • How many people click on your SEM ad and end up browsing your site
  • How many people visiting your site from a search ad end up completing a purchase
  • How many customers your ad has converted into brand ambassadors

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