69+ Moon Names: ⚥ Boy & Girl Names That Mean Moon🌛

If you are looking for some majestic moon names along with its name meaning then this glorious article will help you to inspire some amazing names which can be most suitable for your child.

Assigning a permanent name for new born baby is always exciting, and choosing a name that has great meaning such as the name of constellation bodies is critical in most cases.

The shining light of Moon is a great example of peace and hope, how peacefully it shines and makes the environment cool to every planet in its area.

The reason behind selection of names that mean moon can be anything, it might be the mother or father love the celestial body or they have great love of space or they might be someone who interested in get in touch with these things. The reason can anything to choose names meaning moon.

In the list below I have mentioned all those names that mean moon and are adopted by most parents for their new born babies. These names belongs to different region and has different meaning depending on the region.

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Splendid Boy & Girl Names That Mean Moonlight

Boy Girl Names That Mean Moonlight
Boy Girl Names That Mean Moonlight

The below list is the combination of names both for the boy as well as girl that mean moonlight.

AylaMoonlight (Hebrew, Turkish)
AylinHalo Of The Moon (Hebrew, Turkish)
HalaHalo Of The Moon (Arabic)
KamariaMoonlight (Swahili)
MayarGlow Of The Moon (Arabic)
ZiraMoonlight (African)

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25 Moon Names For Boy

Moon Names For Boy
Moon Names For Boy

Here in the list below boy names has been mentioned meaning moon along with the name meaning that is used to call the moon.

AinarMoon (Kazakh)
AldrinAstronaut Buzz Aldrin
ArmstrongAstronaut Neil Armstrong
ApolloHandsome (Greek), NASA Apollo space mission
ArcheMoons of Jupiter
Artemgoddess of the moon (Greek)
AtlasTo carry (Greek), One of the moons of Saturn
Badar/Baderfull moon (Arabic)
BadruBaby born during the full moon (Egyptian)
BuzzAstronaut Buzz Aldrin (American nicknames)
Galileothe Renaissance Astronomer (Greek)
Hyperionmoons of Jupiter (Greek mythology)
JerahJehovah has seen, a lunar month ()
JerichoCity of the Moon (Hebrew )
KaleMoons Of Jupiter
KorayEmber Moon (Turkish)
LuanMoon (Portuguese)
ManiMoon (Norse mythology)
NarviMoons of Saturn (Norse)
NeilAstronaut Neil Armstrong
OberonMoons of Uranus
QamarMoon (Arabic )
TritonGod of the sea, Moon Of Neptune (Greek)
TunkayMoon (Turkish)
VikeshMoon (Indian)

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46 Moon Names For Girl

Moon Names For Girl
Moon Names For Girl

Here in the list below girl names has been mentioned meaning moon along with the name meaning that is used to call the moon.

AitneMoons Of Jupiter (Greek)
AltaluneOver the moon, Higher than the moon (Latin)
AmarisMoon Child (Old Irish), Name for God (Hebrew)
ArielLion god (Hebrew)
ArtemisGoddess of the moon (Greek Goddess)
ArunaMoon Love (Greek goddess)
AyselName for Moon flood (Turkish)
BiancaMoon of Uranus (Latin)
CallistoMoons Of Jupiter (Greek)
Celimineelements of heaven, moon, strength (latin & Greek)
Chandragoddess of the moon (Hindi)
Chantaramoon water (Thai)
Charonmoons of Pluto
Crescentgrowing (French) shape of the moon
Cynthiagoddess of the moon (Greek)
DevaMoon Goddess (Hindi)
Dianagoddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth; divine; heavenly
Dionedivine queen; one of the moons of Saturn (Greek)
Elaramoons of Jupiter (Greek mythology)
Esmeraydark moon (Turkish)
Hangname for moon (Vietnamese)
Hecatewillpower (Greek)
Indumoon (Hindi)
Jacimoon (Native American)
Iomoons of Jupiter (Greek mythology)
Larissacheerful, joyful, one of the moons of Neptune (Latin)
Livianawhite moon (Hebrew)
Luamoon (Portuguese)
Lucinemoon (Armenian)
Lunamoon (Italian & Spanish)
Lutanamoon (Tasmania)
Mahinamoon (Hawaiian)
Mahrukhface like the moon (Muslim)
Melinoemoon goddesses (Greek)
MonaMoon (Old English)
Neomanew moon (Greek)
Nikinifull moon in August (Sri Lanka)
Nuraybright moon (Turkish)
Purnamafull moon (Indonesian)
Sasimoon (Thai)
Selenamoon goddess (Latin)
Selenemoon goddess (Greek)
Somalunar nectar (Hindu)
StellalunaName for star and moon (Latin)
ThebeMoon of Jupiter

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Baby Names That Mean Moon
Baby Names That Mean Moon

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Moon Names FAQ

What name means Goddess of the Moon?


What girl name means moon?

Artemis – Meaning: Goddess of the moon (Greek Goddess)
Bianca – Meaning: Moon of Uranus (Latin)

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Last Words

I have tried to mention all the names meaning moon with its most appropriate meaning. I know how important it is to name a child when they take birth.

Ideas For Name dot com keep on bringing astonishing names for baby which are following the current trend.

So if this article helped you in any way don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media or the mother who is in need of a baby names that mean moon.

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