70+ Boy and Girl Names That Mean Light In The Darkness ⚥

Are you hunting for the bright baby names that mean light. From the list below you will have a massive list to Pick a best name meaning light.

Baby is the light of gave for the family, with a cute and innocent smile, that brings a lot of happiness in the family life. So giving a name that means something lighting can be a good naming idea option. Light is considered as a symbol of hope.

Babies are pure hearted, and they deserve a brilliant names that makes them proud when they grew up. To help them shine, first of all you have to pick name that means bright.

All these names belong to different region and language and each of them have brighter meaning depending on the place. Most importantly here you will be having the list of only those names which are following the trend.

On internet thousands of names are available which is mixed up there is no guarantee that it will be suitable for your baby child, but this will help you for sure and in addition you will be also having its name meaning.

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70+ Girl Names That Mean Light: Female Names That Mean Light

Girl Names That Mean Light
Girl Names That Mean Light

List Of 30+ Girl Names Meaning Light

AlinaLight (Greek)
AonaniBeautiful Light (Hawaiian)
AuroraDawn (Greek)
AylaMoonlight (Turkish)
ChiaraLight, Clear (Italian)
CianaLight (Italian)
DawnMorning Light (Old English)
EileenBright, Shining One (Scottish)
ElaineBright; Shining Light (French, Scottish)
EleanorLight (Gaelic, Scottish, Scotch-Irish)
ElioraHebrew (Lord is my light)
EllenSun, Ray, Shining Light (Greek)
FavenLight (African )
HanneloreGod Is My Light (German)
Helen/HelenaShining One, Bright (Greek)
IlianaRay Of Light (Spanish)
IlonaLight (Hungarian)
KamariaMoonlight (Africa )
LeoraCompassion, Light (Greek)
Lucy/Lucia/LucianaLight (Latin)
LuzLight (Spanish)
MahinaMoonlight (Hawaiian )
MeiraLight (Hebrew)
NaharaLight (Aramaic)
NeraLight (Hebrew)
Nur/NoorLight (Arabic)
OraleeMy Light (Hebrew)
PhoebeBrilliant, Radiant (Greek)
RoxanaDawn, Little Star (Persian)
SanaaWork Of Art; Shining Light (African)
SheridanBright Light (Gaelic)
TheaGoddess Of Light (Greek)
ZiaLight (Arabic)

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List Of 25+ Boy Names Meaning Light

Boy Names That Mean Light
Boy Names That Mean Light
AbnerFather Of Light (Hebrew)
AmbertBright, Shining Light (German)
AnwarLight (Arabic )
AnwarApollo (Greek)
BarackLightning, Thunderbolt, Blessing (Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili)
BeaconSignal Light (Old English)
ChandShining Moon, Light (Hindi)
ChandlerCandle Maker (English)
DritanLight (Albanian)
EliorGod Is Light (Hebrew)
EpifanioBringing Light (Spanish)
FaroLighthouse (Italian)
HarbinLittle Bright Warrior (German)
HikaruLight Or Radiance (Japanese)
JomeiSpread Light (Japanese)
KiranBeam Of Llight (Hindi)
LitoLight (Latin)
Lucas/Luca/LuciusBright, Shining (Latin)
LucianLight Name (Latin)
MeyerBringer Of Light (Hebrew )
NerCandle or Light (Hebrew)
NuriLight (Arabic & Hebrew)
OranLight (Aramaic & Gaelic)
PradeepLight (Hindi)
RaidenGod Of Thunder & Lightning (Japanese)
SirajLight (Arabic)
UriMy Light (Hebrew)
ZainGodly Light (Hindi)

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7 Girl Names Meaning Bright

Names For Girl That Mean Bright
Names For Girl That Mean Bright
AkikoBright (Japanese)
AviraBright (Tamil)
ClarabelleBright & Beautiful (Latin)
IlkaBright, Shining One (Hungarian)
PhaedraBright (Greek)
SennaBrightness (Arabic)
ZivaBrilliance, Brightness (Hebrew)

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9 Girl Names Meaning Bright

Names For Boy That Mean Bright
Names For Boy That Mean Bright
AkiroBright Boy (Japanese)
AlbertBright, Noble (German)
AlbusBright, White (Latin)
BrightonBright Town (English)
CallahanBright Headed (Irish)
FynnBright, Fair (Irish)
HobbesBright Fame (English)
RobertBright Fame (German, English)
XavierBright, New House (Arabic, Basque)

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Baby Names That Mean Fire FAQ

What name means bringer of light?

Eosphoros (Greek)
Meaning: Light Bringer / Dawn Bringer

Girl Names that Mean Sun

Girl names that mean sun are Elaine, Elidi, Helen

Which baby name means ray of light?

Baby names that means ray of light are Iliana(Scottish) and Kiran (Hindi)

Kiran is the name of a boy or girl?

Kiran is a unisexual name and used for both the boy and girl

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Last Words

These were the baby names that means something like light and bright. I hope this would be very much useful for you to pick one amazing name for your boy/girl child.

If you find it useful don’t miss it to share with all those mother who has recently delivered a girl child, because it can be very much useful for her to select the best baby name for here upcoming kid.

Naming is not a rocket science but it is also not that much easy to choose that suits every child, so a guide is the better option to start picking brighter names.

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