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You are on the right page if you are looking for heavenly boy and girl names that mean hope along with its name meaning. Here you will find a vast collection of girl and boy names that mean hope.

Children’s are the most beautiful gift for every parents, they are the god’s blessings and happiness of house brings a light of hope.

The child can be a baby boy or baby girl, it is natural and no-one can change this, but assigning a good name is a headache and it is not easier for person who is not so creative. They may either take inspiration from others or follow this fantastic page to have a look at 50 trending names that means hope.

Babies are the one who is going to take your next generation, hope this below list could help you to choose some inspiring names meaning hope.

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Names That mean Hope: Name Meaning Hope

Girl Names That Mean Hope Name Meaning Hope
Girl Names That Mean Hope Name Meaning Hope

Girl Names That Mean Hope

AilanaLight Bearer (Finnish)
AileenBright, Shining light(Irish)
AlinaBright, Beautiful (Slavic Origin)
AprilTo Open (Latin)
AshlynDream (Irish)
BrayleighRay Of Hope (American)
ChiaraLight, Clear (Italian Origin)
ChloeYoung Green Shoot (Greek)
DaisyDay’s Eye (Old English)
EdnaRejuvenation (Hebrew Origin)
ElaineBright, Shining Light (French)
EsmeraldaEmerald (Portuguese Origin)
EsperanzaHope (Spanish)
EvangelineBearer Of Good News (Greek)
FaithHope (Old English)
HopeDesire Of Fulfillment (Old English)
KiaraFirst Ray Of Sun (Italian)
LaelynnFlower Of Hope (Canadian Origin)
LeocadiaSplendid Brightness (Spanish)
LucyLight (Latin)
MargaretPearl (Greek)
MariposaButterfly (Spanish)
NinaHope Of Love (Arabic)
NadineHope (French)
TiaraCrown (Latin Origin)
VitaHope Of Life (Latin)
YeenaBright, Shining One (Russian)

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Boy Names That Mean Hope

Boy Names That Mean Hope Name Meaning Hope
Boy Names That Mean Hope Name Meaning Hope
AaronHigh Mountain, Enlightened (Hebrew)
AlbertNoble, Bright (German)
BeaconSignal Light (Old English)
CallahanBright-Headed (Irish)
ClarenceBright (Latin)
DylanRay Of Hope (Irish)
EleazarCourt Of God (Hebrew)
EmmanuelGod Is With Us(Hebrew)
FaroLighthouse (Italian origin)
FynnBright, Fair (Irish)
HellerBright, Brilliant (German)
HerbertBright Army (German)
JesseA Gift Of Hope (Hebrew)
KennBright Water (Welsh)
KiranRay Of Light (Sanskrit)
MeyerBringer Of Light (Hebrew)
NeoNew (Latin)
PhelipeHope Origin (Spanish Origin)
RaidenThunder & Lightning (Japanese)
RobertBright Fame (Old English)
RutendoFaith (African origin)
SalvadorSavior (Spanish Origin)
SherwoodBright Forest (Old English)
TrumanFaithful One (Old English)
ToivoHope (Finnish)

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Baby Names That Mean Hope Name Meaning Hope
Baby Names That Mean Hope Name Meaning Hope

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Baby Names That Mean Hope FAQ

What baby name means hope?

Evangeline, Xavier, Nova, Ashlyn, Daisy, Chloe, Phoenix, Helen, and Cyrus these are some of the baby name that means hope.

What middle names go with hope?

Elizabeth, Cornelia, Alessandra, Theodora are the middle names that go with hope.

What African name means hope?

Raza (African) – Meaning: Hope

What Japanese name means hope?

Nozomi means hope in Japanese

What is the universal symbol for hope?

Dove, Sparrows

Last Words

I hope this article would be useful for you to discover some baby names that mean hope and it would be best and suitable for your child.

I have tried to mention only those names which are following the modern trend and are adopted by modern parents, because there is no sense of mentioning that names which are highly non-acceptable by any parents.

If you are selecting any of the above names meaning hope I’m sure your child will feel proud when their name would be called in any crowded place or in the classroom.

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