145+ Boy and Girl Names That Mean Water: Names Associated With Water ⚥

So you are looking for aquatic names for boy and girl that mean water. Here you will hundreds of unique baby names associated with water whose meaning will relate to the seas, rivers, oceans, water, drop, rain, etc.

There can be various aspects for the selection of a name for baby that means water, or something related to water, Water and rivers are considered as calm and beautiful.

Depending upon place to place water is known by different names and different meanings, and they have different thoughts that can’t relate to everyone.

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145+ Water Names: Boy & Girl Names That Mean Water Along With Its Meaning

Baby Names Meaning Water
Baby Names Meaning Water

In history there are a lot of stories about water that relate to god and goddess. Each of those story shows its own unique characters and story.

If your child is water lover or love to play near rivers and beaches then the his/her names must be related to the water that splashes the mood of listeners.

The below list is full with all those names associated with water, along with its name meaning.

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75+ Boy Names That Mean Water

Boy Names That Mean Water
Boy Names That Mean Water

Here in the below list I have mentioned all the trending boy names that mean water. These names will inspire to develop your own names also. Have a look at these and one astonishing name to assign your baby boy.

AdrianAdriatic sea
AlunName of a Welsh River
ArnavIndian Name For Ocean
Bach/BeckGerman Name For ‘Lives By a Stream’
BanksFrom The Word Riverbanks
BayouThe Word For Small Stream
BeckettDerived From Old English Word Bekke, Stream
BeckhamLiving By The Stream
BirneyScottish Name For Damp, Misty
BlackwellEnglish Name For Black Well, Stream
BolivarSpanish/Basque Name For Mill At The Riverbank
BourneEnglish Name For One Who Lives Near a Stream
BradfordRiver Crossing
BradmanAt The Wide River
BrodnySlavic Name For Person Who Lives Near a Stream
BrooksThe Word Brooks
BrosnanPerson Who Lives By The Brosna Tiver
BurbankRiverbank Where Burrs Are
CalderRocky Water
CallanScandinavian Name For Flowing Water
CarlowQuadruple Lake
CaryStream, From The River Cary
CaspianFrom The Caspian Sea
CliffordNear The Ford By The Cliff
ClydeFrom The Clyde River
DenizTurkish Name For Waves, Sea
DevereaxFrench Name For Riverbank
DevereFrench Name For From The Fishing Place
DouglasScottish Name For Black Water
DoverThe Waters, Of The Port Of Dover In Kent
DylanWelsh Name For Son Of The Sea Or Born From The Ocean
Eaton/EtanEnglish Name For Riverside
FleetwoodWoods By a Stream
FordCrossing a Body Of Water On Foot At a Shallow Point
HarborFrom The Word Harbor, Coastal Place Where Ships Come To Shelter
HiawathaNative American Name For He Makes Rivers
HolmesEnglish Name For Island In The River
HudsonFrom The Hudson River
HurleyIrish Name For The Tide Of The Sea
InnesScottish Name For Of The River Island
IrvingGaelic Name For Green Water, Fresh Water
JordanFrom The Jordan River
KaiHawaiian Name For Sea
KanoWater God
KelbyGaelic Name For By The Fountain
KelvinCeltic Name For River Man, From The Narrow River
KennWelsh Name For Clear Water
LincolnTown By The Lake
LochScottish Name For Lake
Malik/Malek/MaliqArabic Name For King, Wave
MarshOne Who Lives By a Marsh
MaxwellScottish Name For Great Stream; One Who Lived By The Stream Of Maccus
MertonEnglish Name For Town Or Settlement By The Lake
MorrisseyChoice Of The Sea
MosesEgyptian Name For Delivered From The River
MurrayIrish Name For Settlement Of The Sea
NeptuneGod Of The Sea In Roman Mythology
NileThe Nile River In Egypt
OceanThe Word Ocean
OrwellOld English Name For River’s Branch
PacificThe Pacific Ocean
RaffertyIrish Name For Floodtide, Abundance
RenJapanese Name For Lotus
RioSpanish Name For River
RiverFrom The Word River, A Flowing Body Of Water
RivoLatin Name For Steam
RomneyEnglish Name For Winding River
SeatonTown By The Sea
StromGerman Name For Stream
TahoeNative American Name For Edge Of The Lake, From Lake Tahoe
TalHebrew Name For Rain, Dew
TrentThe Flooder
TritonThe Greek God Triton Was The Messenger Of The Sea And The Son Of Sea God Neptune
WadeEnglish Name Meaning At The River Crossing, From The Word Wade As In Wade Through The Water
WestbrookFrom The West Brook
WhartonFarm Near The River
WiltonPlace By The Stream
WyreWinding River, Afon Wyre River In Wales And The Wyre In Lancashire
ZaleGreek Name For Sea Strength

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70+ Girl Names That Mean Water

Girl Names That Mean Water
Girl Names That Mean Water

Here in the below list I have mentioned only the trending girl names that mean water. Water and girl are very similar in nature both are calm and beautiful and famous for its beauty.

AmayaJapanese, Basque Name For Night Rain, The End
AnahitaPersian For Water And River Goddess
AquaThe Synonym For Water
AraArabic Name For ‘Brings Rain’
AvonleaField By The River
BaiaPortuguese Name For Bay
Beverley/BeverlyBeaver Stream, Meadow
BrookeSmall Stream
CascadeFalling Water
ClodaghIrish River, Saint
CoralLatin Name For Underwater Semi-Precious Sea Growth
CordeliaDaughter Of The Sea
DanuCeltic Name For Water Goddess, River
DeltaChange, From The Word Delta, A Triangle Of Land Form By A River
DaryaIranian Name For Sea
DeryaTurkish Name For Sea
DorisGreek Name For Gift Of The Ocean
DwynWelsh Name Foe Wave
EyreFrom Lake Eyre
GalIsreali Name For Wave
GaliHebrew Name For Wave
GinevraItalian Name For White Wave
GuadalupeSpanish Name For River With Black Stones
GuinevereWelsh Name For White Wave
HaliGreek Name For Sea
IndraIndian Name For Warrior God Of Sky And Rain
IslaIsland, Name Of Scottish River
JennaWhite Wave
JenniferWhite Wave
JoraHebrew Name For Autumn Rain
KaimanaHawaiian Name For Power Of The Ocean
KairiJapanese Name For Sea
KendallValley Of The River Kent
KendraClear Water
LagunaDerived From Lagoon, Italian Name For Pond or Lake
LocklynScottish Name For Lake Land
LucerneFrom The Swiss Lake
LynnWelsh Name For Lake
MarSpanish and Portuguese Name For Sea
Maren/MarinLatin Name For Sea
MarinaFrom The Word Marina Which Mean Of The Sea, A Basin On a Shore Of a Body Of Water
Maya/MayimHebrew Name For Water
MearaIrish Name For Pool, Lake
MiraSanskrit Name For Ocean, Sea
MistyFrom The Word Mist, Small Droplets Of Water Suspended In Air
MoanaPolynesian Name For Sea
MonroeDweller At The Red Marsh
MorwennaWelsh Name For Waves Of The Sea
NahlaArabic Name For First Drink of Water In The Desert
NaidaLatin Name For Water Nymph
NarelleFor The River In New South Wales
NebulaLatin Name For Misty
NeridaGreek Name For Sea Nymph, Daughter Of Nereus, Mermaid
NimueLady Of The Lake From The Arthurian Legend
NixieGerman Name For Water Sprite or Nymph
NoelaniHawaiian Name For Heavenly Mist
OceanaGreek Name From The Word Ocean
OndineLatin Name For Little Wave
PavatiNative American Name For Clear Water
RevaHindi Mame For Rain, One Of The 7 Sacred Rivers In India
RilianGerman Name For Small Stream
RosemaryLatin Name For Dew Of The Sea
SabrinaCeltic Name From The River Severn
Sailor/SaylorBoat Man
SereiaLatin Name For Mermaid, Siren
ShannonFrom The River Shannon
TaliaHebrew Name For Gentle Rain
TallulahNative American Name For Leaping Water
ThalassaGreek Name For The Sea
VarshaHindi Name For Rain
YareliNative American Name For Water Lady

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Boy & Girl Names That Mean Water Along With Its Meaning
Boy & Girl Names That Mean Water Along With Its Meaning

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Names That Mean Water FAQ

What are some water names?


What is a name that means water?


Who is the goddess of water?


What are mermaid names?

Ariel – Meaning: The Little Mermaid
Adella – Meaning: Ariels Older Sister

Is Aqua a girl name?

Yes, Aqua is a girl name

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Last Words

I hope this article would be useful for you to choose baby names that mean water. If you find it useful in any way don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

All these are trending names of this period and I’m pretty sure you will love it. As I found thousands of names but I eliminated all those names which are not of our use or have completely different definition.

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