50+ Boy & Girl Names Meaning Warrior: Cool Warrior Names ⚥

If Are you looking for the boy and girl names meaning warrior that mean survivor or protector? Here is a list full of names meaning protector, both for the boy as well as girl names that mean warrior.

If you are tired of looking for the best name that means protector, but still didn’t get any good name yet then I’m sure this amazing list of warrior names will help you to inspire some good names meaning warrior or savior.

I’m not joking I’m so serious about it.

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50+ Cool Warrior Names: Boy & Girl Names Meaning Warrior

Cool Warrior Names Boy & Girl Names Meaning Warrior
Cool Warrior Names Boy & Girl Names Meaning Warrior

The arrival of the baby brings a lot of happiness in the parent’s life and the names you are looking here are suitable for anyone it can be the baby born recently or for the baby going to take birth.

A warrior is one who fights against evils and defeat them with honesty and their greatness, and the children are the greatest warrior for every family. That’s why their names also must be something related to warrior, protector, survivor.

The names listed below belongs to different cultures, regions, and languages. But the name meaning is warrior, for your ease I have also mentioned its name meaning.

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30 Boy Names That Mean Warrior/Protector/Survivor

Boy Names That Mean Warrior
Boy Names That Mean Warrior

Warrior, Fighter, Survivor names are very much suitable for boys, and that’s why here I’m listing the top 30 boy names that mean warrior. In almost all the movies of ancient times we see that in the war most of the soldiers are men and they fight for their country.

A warrior boy can be for anyone, it can be for his family, country, or friend circle. Developing wow warrior names are not so easy unless you have a guide.

Alex/AlexanderProtector Of Mankind (Greek)
AlvaroCautious (Spanish)
AnselA Protector (Hebrew)
ArmandoSoldier (French)
ArmaniWarrior (Italian)
CallanBattle, Rock (Scottish)
CaseyBrave In Battle (Irish)
DuncanDark Warrior (Scottish)
DustinFighter (German)
EthanStrong (Hebrew)
GuntherBattle Warrior (German)
HaroldArmy Ruler (Scandinavian)
KaneWarrior (Welsh)
LewisRenowned Warrior (English)
LiamStrong-Willed (Irish)
MarcusWarlike (Latin)
MiloSoldier Or Merciful (German)
MurphySea Warrior (Irish)
NakoaWarrior (Hawaiian)
NedWell To Do Protector (Old English)
OscarGod Spear, or Champion Warrior (Irish)
OsmondDivine Protector (Old English)
PattonFighter’s Town (Old English)
PeytonFighting-Man’s Estate (Old English)
RainerWise Army (German)
RaymondProtector Of Men (German)
RogerFamous Warrior (German)
TroyDescendant Of Foot Soldier (Irish)
WalterArmy Ruler (German)
WarnerArmy (Old English)

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20+ Girl Names That Mean Warrior/Protector/Survivor

Girl Names That Mean Warrior
Girl Names That Mean Warrior

In any war girl is no less than the boy, so here are some of the girl names that mean warrior. In Indian culture if you look at the history of warriors you can find many lady warriors who fought for their country and their rights.

Our society has a low mindset that girl are just for cooking food and feeding husband and children which must be eliminated as soon as possible, and only a lady warrior can make it possible.

AlessiaDefending Warrior (Italian)
AlexaProtector Of Mankind (Greek)
AloisiaFamous Fighter (German)
DeallaProtector (Irish)
DiamondInvincible, Untamed (Old English)
EdmeProtector (Scottish)
EldaWarrior (Italian)
HildaBattle Woman (German)
JuneProtector Of women Or Marriage (Latin)
KellyWar (Irish)
KendraKnowledge (Old English)
LuluPearl (Arabic origin)
MalinStrong, Little Warrior (English)
MalouBitter, Renowned Warrior (Dutch origin)
MarcellaWarlike (Latin)
MatildaBattle-Mighty (German)
MinaProtector (Dutch)
MylaSoldier or Merciful (German)
RosettaNoted Protector (German)
SandraProtector Of Man (Greek)
SashaDefending Men (Russian)

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Baby Names That Mean Warrior
Baby Names That Mean Warrior

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Names Meaning Warrior FAQ

What are some powerful names?

Amory (German) – Meaning: Leader, Divine, Brave, Powerful
Andrew (Greek) – Meaning: Strong

What name means God’s warrior?


What is the name for a female warrior?


What names mean warrior?

Armani (Italian) – Meaning: Warrior
Callan (Scottish) – Meaning: Battle

What is the Celtic word for warrior?


What Irish name means warrior?

Some of the Irish names that mean warrior are

What Japanese name means warrior?

Takeo – Meaning: Warrior Hero
Takeshi – Meaning: Fierce Warrior
Takuma – Meaning: Opening Truth
Takumi – Meaning: Artisan

What name means Peaceful Warrior?


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Last Words

I hope you enjoyed the article, and it would be helpful for you to choose baby names meaning protector. In this list I have tried to keep the minimum names and added only those names which are in current trend.

BTW I found thousands of names that means warrior but those are not following the current trend. But I hope this would be useful for you to get a suitable one.

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